“I believe that relationships and reputation are the most important factors to our success. To have good relationships and to maintain a good reputation requires extraordinary people with good values. We are fortunate to have so many of those people working with us.”
Bruce Milyard

About Us

Bruce is a hands-on leader who actively participates as the design and quality control principle for Western Constructors. He brings more than 38 years of construction experience to each project he handles.

Having decades of insight into consumer/client trends in a constantly changing construction market has allowed the company to stay on the leading edge. Incorporating up-to-date technological systems such as program management, estimation, and scheduling software has allowed Western Constructors to stay at the forefront of the construction industry in even the largest, most complex projects.

The Milyard family’s decades of experience has seen many projects built over the country. But Western Constructors remains committed to where we began, in Grand Junction, CO. Originally named Constructors’ West, the company began to keep growing and improving the town and Western Slope region. Since our beginnings in 1974, we have constructed more than 2,700 homes and counting in Grand Junction; we also build multi-family dwellings as well.

To learn more about our work and approach with design-build construction visit our very informative blog here.

Our Philosophy

Our clients have high expectations and goals, but we differentiate ourselves by delivering more cost-effective solutions, quicker, and more professionally. Our goal is always to help our clients receive the quality product that they themselves deliver to their respective customers. Our clients can expect our teams to deliver results more than our promises. They can also expect our team when embarking on a project, to seek to thoroughly understand the expectations and requirements of your project.

We realize that every enterprise we serve in today’s marketplace is confronted with many new and unique challenges never required in commerce history. Our entire team is committed to providing you with a facility that will help you secure a competitive advantage in your market and the ability to better serve your customers and constituents. We plan and execute our projects thoroughly and quickly so that you will judge your project as a success and achieve a product that yields a high return on investment.

What helps us exceed our expectations is envisioning the future: long-term construction. Our goal as a general contractor in Grand Junction is more than the creation of a physical structure, as we ask ourselves how, and what, the result will aid in the progress and growth of our community. Our method of seeing projects to fruition is design-build construction. A much more simplified and cost saving process, design-build construction eliminates the need for project owners to sign two contracts, one with the general contractor, the other with the designer. Instead, one contract is signed, as we work with designers and clients from the start. The result is a positive environment that fosters teamwork and communication.


By exceeding our clients’ goals, we will develop a long-term relationship, becoming a partner to assist in their success. By continuing to deliver value, our clients will recognize that and want Western Constructors to continually build their projects. We recognize that every client has different needs and challenges. It’s our job to always ask, is there a better way? That is why we are committed to understanding your unique circumstances and developing intelligent solutions. It’s about being honest and asking the hard questions early in the process. It’s about taking time to develop and explain concepts and options and understanding the implications of every decision. It’s the kind of detailed attention that can save you significant time and money.

With long-term relationships, we develop a solid base of business, and we can offer our employees opportunity for professional and financial growth.

Western Constructors, Inc. was officially incorporated in 2004, as a General Contractor specializing in commercial construction projects. This Company came to fruition as a need to separate our commercial and residential developments. Our original company, Constructors West, was organized in 1972 by Bruce Milyard and is still operating as a residential developer/builder and continues to construct quality, affordable homes in the Grand Valley

Our goal is to optimize the success of our clients, by delivering consistent results on our projects as a general contractor. As Grand Junction continues to expand, we design and construct projects with the knowledge that our buildings will remain long after us. As we continue to work on the Las Colonias live-work section along the Dos Rios area, we are proud to know we are further improving on and building on a live-work community. Now a vibrant section of town, Las Colonias is a prime example of taking a depleted area of town and transforming it into something vibrant for all the community to enjoy. Not too long ago the area was a bleak tract of land filled with trash, formerly home to failed industrial projects. Now home to Edgewater Brewery and Dos Rios Townhomes, Las Colonias is a true “pearl” in the ongoing “string of pearls” project to establish live-work areas along the Colorado River. Stay tuned!

Building Relationships
Building More.

Your Trusted Design-Build General Contractor, Grand Junction, Colorado. Building Relationships, Building More.
Our success, and continual aim, as a general contractor in Grand Junction is in building live-work environments. We are a family-owned business that has been in operation for over 40 years and understand that what makes Grand Junction unique is its sense of community. As the Grand Valley continues to grow, we want to keep building on this community, both literally and metaphorically. According to the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Mesa County’s population five years from now is expected to increase by 46%. Just as we have been serving the community since our founding in 1974, we are looking to the future when it comes to long-term construction.

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