The bottom line
is Integrity

The bottom line is that “Integrity” is not just about our business. It’s about our respect for yours.

At Western Constructors we offer both general contracting and construction management services. We are here to work through all aspects, from design, construction, budgeting, and scheduling—we ensure all processes are done efficiently. We build residential, and all types of commercial, from retail, financial, industrial, tenants improvements (TI) to food service, we do it all.


General Contracting

One hears the term “general contractor” a lot in the construction world, but for those unfamiliar, this term denotes the role of overseeing day-to-day operations on a construction site. A general contractor steps in when designs, budgeting, and schedule are in place. A general contractor can make or break a project, but at Western Constructors we pride ourselves on having reliable and highly experienced general contractors that have a long-standing repertoire with their clients.

At Western Constructors, we understand that one of the most critical phases of project management takes place before ground is broken. You receive the most value for your project when we work collaboratively with you from the earliest possible planning stages. The reason is simple: design and construction are one fluid process – one that deserves careful attention to create an outstanding experience and product. Working together, we provide critical, thorough analysis of design concepts to ensure that your vision and your budget come together. And when budgetary challenges arise, our experienced team provides creative solutions and attractive alternatives that help you make informed decisions and keep the project on track.
  • Site Feasibility Studies and Site Development
  • Budget Development
  • Schematic Design & Drawings Review
  • Design Development Review
  • Contractibility Reviews
  • Critical Path Scheduling
  • Municipal Planning & Approvals/Permits
  • Cash Flow Projections
With our decades of experience, from working on projects both locally and nationally, we can truly say that design-build construction is very much a mentorship process. We are with our clients from the very beginning, from planning and designing. We want to be there before a client even meets with their engineer, so we can know their overall goals: what will the building look like? What image are they trying to convey to customers? By helping clients from the very first with their projects, we provide them a realistic perspective, in what concepts are feasible, and what may entail adjustments. The result is a much clearer and concrete view of the project, which in turn expedites all aspects of the project: planning, design, and construction, while helping to stay within budget.
Construction Management

So, if you are just at the beginning of a project and unsure of what steps to take next, talk to one of our construction managers (CMs). CMs can aid designing and planning, all while monitoring budget and seeing that the project stays within a set timeframe.


Whether a project entails commercial or residential construction, Western Constructors provides both long-standing expertise and experience to see your project through to completion.


Financial building construction poses its own unique set of challenges. Banks, like the US Bank project we recently completed, have very specific requirements that are distinct to their industry.

Food Service

The food service industry is unique and multifaceted. As a result, so must be the contracting requirements when new construction, maintenance, and more.


When you think industrial construction—think massive. This is not your average commercial construction project.

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