Financial Services

Financial building construction poses its own unique set of challenges. Banks, like the US Bank project we recently completed, have very specific requirements that are distinct to their industry. Not only must comprehensive security measures be incorporated into these buildings, but specific structural elements must also be present. Take for example a bank vault. Not only must it be in the building to provide access to employees and restrict access to customers, but it must also have security features in place that incorporate both technology and physical edifices. Here at Western Constructors, INC. we have decades of experience with financial building construction. Over the years, we have built steadfast relationships with those in the financial industry. This has led to many of our customers returning time and again to take advantage of our financial building construction expertise. Our proven leadership in this field helps our clients know that they are in capable hands, well-equipped to get the job done.

In addition, there are often other special features, such as elevators and safety deposit vaults, that must be taken into consideration. Financial building construction projects benefit from a general contractor because the orchestration of multiple specific subcontractors can be a hefty task. Here at Western Constructors, Inc. we can oversee multiple subcontractors and to coordinate work efforts to complete your project in a timely manner. To learn more about the mission of Western Constructors, INC.


Corporate financial chains, like Wells Fargo and US Bank, require intricate communication. Often times, corporate liaisons are dispatched to communicate specific ideas to the contractor. In addition, financial institutions have their own set of federal laws and regulations they must abide by. It is our job to ensure that we keep lines of communication open at all times to ensure that our client is in compliance with these federal regulations.

The pre-design phase of financial building construction requires time spent upfront communicating all aspects of the design and conceptualization processes. As a client of Western Constructors, INC., you can rest assured that we will take the necessary steps in the beginning to ensure a smooth construction process. One of the ways we are able to do this, is through the use of cutting-edge technology trends in the construction industry.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Here at Western Constructors, INC., we know that that the industry is constantly morphing. This is due in large part to technological advancements. We realize that staying ahead of the curve on new technological advancements is imperative to our success and to our clients’ success. That’s why we are committed to using state-of-the-art technology to design your project. Below are some examples of the technology that we utilize:

  • 3-D Printers and Robotics
  • VR/AR/AI (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence)
  • Embedded Sensors and Predictive Analytics

Our Experts

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Retail Construction

When it comes to retail commercial construction, aesthetics and easily accessible layout are critical. Western Constructors will work with you in collaborating with your ideas for design and layout, whether it be for a brand-new building or rebranding/ remodel. The goal is a building that is welcoming to customers, both inside and outside. The interior will help conduct the flow of customers, while the exterior helps bring in both regular customers and potential customers.

Think about it: the construction and look of a building can make or break a customer base. With these buildings you’ll note an easily recognizable storefront, and classic brick and mortar construction. We have built new and/ or added tenant improvements for several companies, such as the line of strip malls from 24 ½ and 25 Road in Grand Junction: PetCo, Maurices, RadioShack, and Famous Footwear. And just recently we completed Rocky Mounts in Las Colonias Park, just one of several projects we are currently working on in the area.

As Grand Junction and the Western Slope continue to grow, so does the need for retail construction. Wherever you may live, chances are there are older retail buildings in need of renovation, or to be rebuilt. As mentioned above, Western Constructors builds new buildings, rebrands, or remodels existing structures. No matter the type of build, the goal in retail construction is to not only maintain the current customer base, but to also expand business

  • Rebranding/ Remodeling: Renovating an existing space.
  • Storefront: Constructing a new entrance. This is a great way to “grab” customers, without further changes to the structure.
  • Buildouts: Rebuilding from the ground-up, from a pre-existing structure that has been demolished.
  • Turnkey: Building a new building for the owner to sell, upon completion.
  • Sustainability: Making an existing building “green,” or sustainable in its energy consumption.


General Terms and Conditions
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Financial Construction

Western Constructors proudly offers design-build for financial buildings. Financial construction is designing and building structures for financial buildings, namely banks. These buildings include commercial, retail banks and mortgage banks. Our completed projects include US Bank in Fruita, Major Mortgage in Grand Junction, and Timberline Bank in Montrose.

Food Services

Food service construction is the construction of buildings that cook, prepare and/or serve food, namely restaurants. Food service construction projects we have worked on in Western Colorado include Café Rio, Rib City, Panchero’s, and more. As with many other types of commercial construction, aesthetics is crucial in constructing food service buildings.

Industrial Construction

When you think industrial construction—think massive. This is not your average commercial construction project. These projects are enormous and can include anything from skyscrapers, to warehouses, to biotechnical labs.

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