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At Western Constructors, we provide both general contracting and construction management services, as a general constructor. As we build both residential and commercial structures, we’ve done it all: from constructing homes, banks, retail buildings, industrial structures, multifamily dwellings, tenants improvements, and restaurants. This post is all about Western Constructors Services. Whether you’re looking for someone to make your dream home come to life, or need a new structure for your business, we have years of experience and long-standing repertoire with our clients.

Residential Construction

As a general constructor we are proud to construct homes for the next generation of families. We have built over 2,700 homes in Grand Junction, and are excited to build more as folks continue to move to the Grand Valley. We also offer the design/ build process for our residential construction clients (more below), for coherent workflow.

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In addition to designing and building single family homes, we have experience in building multi-family dwellings, such as apartments. The Grand Valley is need of more multi-family structures, and Western Constructors is proud to create residences for families to live, work, and play.

Commercial Construction

As general constructors we have years of experience building a variety of commercial construction projects. Our commercial construction includes banks, restaurants, retail structures, and industrial buildings. As the Grand Valley continues to grow, so does the need for commercial builds. Learn more about our long-term construction approach and philosophy for the Grand Valley.

General Contracting Services

General Contractors oversee daily operation on a construction site, stepping in once designs, budgeting, and scheduling are in place. A general contractor also hires subcontractors (specialized workers in plumbing, painting, masonry, carpentry, etc.) and is responsible for providing material and equipment. With so many aspects to manage, a general contractor can truly make or break a project – meaning either a successful build, or a project that is over schedule and over budget. Western Constructors, in operation for over 40 years, owes much of our success to the highly sought-after reputation we’ve gained for our general contracting services.

Construction Management

At Western Constructors we take on as much of the project coordination as the owner decides. A highly experienced construction manager (CM) oversees the initial planning stages of a project, and works in coordination with the owner and designer. A construction manager is very much an advisor, in that they deal with scheduling, budgeting, bidding, supervising subcontractors, adhering to contract documents, etc. Construction management continues to grow in popularity within the construction industry, and construction managers are especially sought out in large, complex projects.

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Design/ Build

Western Constructors offers design/ build construction, an increasingly popular build method in which a general constructor works alongside designers, and clients, from the very beginning. Unlike traditional methods of building, in which two contracts are signed (one with the architect/ designer, and one with the general contractor), instead only one contract is signed. One entity means a united workflow. This approach enables clients to communicate their needs and vision, while general contractors advise clients as to what is feasible, and what may entail changes. The result is improved communications and constructor-designer-client relationships.


Before ground is even broken it’s important to establish and discuss parameters, and to set ensure a strong project foundation – literally and metaphorically. Pre-construction deals with site and scheduling aspects, planning and permit approval, schematic drawing review, and more. We thoroughly assess designs, and inform our clients of any necessary changes or adjustments, all while keeping budgetary constraints in mind. In the event of budget conflicts, we offer creative solutions so clients can make the best decisions during the ongoing planning process.

Financial Construction

Banks are industries that should have a reputable and recognizable structure, while integrating the latest technology for building security. For example, a bank’s interior layout should enable coherent traffic flow for customers. Corporate bank chains in particular have specific, federal laws and regulations for bank security and layout, and as general constructors we communicate with these chains to ensure all regulations and specifications are met. We have a great deal of experience in financial construction.

Food Services

In addition to offering new construction for food services, we offer repairs, restoration, and expansions to provide the best working atmosphere and operations for food businesses. We work with you and our design team to create a floor plan and aesthetics, while adhering to all codes, for both employee and customer safety.

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Industrial Construction

Industrial construction is construction on a massive scale – for clients who need a structure that is large, such as a warehouse, skyscraper, lab, etc. to manufacture or process goods. The manufacturing industry entails not only the production of goods, but also the storage and distribution of products, and projects must be built accordingly. Other aspects come into consideration, such as proper ventilation, sanitation, floor plan, fire safety, lighting, etc. With industrial projects, Western Constructors emphasizes up front communications, and thoroughly understands and adheres to permitting, zoning, and conveyance requirements.

Tenant Improvements

It’s one thing to construct a building, but building maintenance is also key. Tenant improvements, referred to as TI, are improvements made to a commercial building, as specified in contract between building owners and tenants. Tenant improvements can range from superficial improvements such as new paint or floor plan, to installing new plumbing, ventilation, electrical systems, etc. Western Constructors has provided tenant improvements for a variety of industries, from food services (Enstrom’s), health (Advanced Skin Care), to financial (Fidelity Title).

Retail Construction

The need for retail spaces continues to grow. In particular, the need for mixed used buildings, an office and retail space blend. As with our other services, Western Constructors works alongside clients from the beginning, using technology to conceptualize a project. We also ensure all code and safety regulations are met, while emphasizing building aesthetic – retail construction is building structures that are consumer driven. Western Constructors also offers renovations and rebranding of retail structures to not only help businesses retain current customer bases, but to gain further clients. We also offer retail build-outs (rebuilding a structure that has been demolished), storefront (constructing a new entrance), turnkey (building a new structure for the owner to sell), and sustainability (converting an existing building to “green,” or sustainable energy use and practices).

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